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Professional Archaeological Services


Our consultants can offer a range of services from explaining planning conditions, project management, desk-based assessments and environmental impact assessments.

Planning conditions

You may have planning permission but the local authority has deemed it necessary to conduct an archaeological investigation before the project can go ahead. We can coordinate with the local council to determine the best work scheme appropriate to your site, carry out all necessary fieldwork and produce the appropriate documentation and reports.

Desk-based Assessments

Desk-based assessments can be used to determine the history of a site and the presence of archaeology through analysis of historical documents, environmental reports and aerial photographs.

Fieldwork Services


Geophysical surveys can determine the presence of archaeology without the need for excavation. This can be useful when deciding to apply for planning applications or what location you choose to build.

Watching briefs

This type of survey is usually applied to domestic building applications such as extensions or single house builds.


Where needed, full site excavations can be conducted.

Site evaluations

Evaluations are executed opening a number of trenches across a site to determine the presence of archaeology.
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